Two people have already read my book! They contacted me with these kinds words after buying it at my Sept 12th launch (I have permission to name these readers).


Kerri Phillips Lewis, Mississauga (sent 09/13/2019)

Hi Sheila. Wild horses couldn’t have kept me away last night. I am absolutely in awe of you. Your story really resonates with me. Your speech was so engaging. Glad I could share the evening with you.


Azhar Shemdin, Oakville (sent 09/14/2019

I just finished reading your memoir.
Wow!  What a gripping and honest recount of your life.  I feel like holding you in my arms and  consoling you for all what had happened to you as a little girl.   At the same time, I am relieved that you had the help of Dr. Beal to unravel the many complex events, emotions and attitudes of all the important people in your life.
Yes, we humans are multi faceted and we have complex personalities that have to deal with not just ourselves, but, also with the multi faceted personalities of the people around us.
Dear Sheila, you are a great writer and I would not be surprised if your book became a best seller and a movie.