Erin Zinck, Oakville, ON

Sheila, the harrowing account of your childhood is incredibly well written and detailed.  The candid nature in which you describe your formative years and into adulthood is deeply moving and takes you through a variety of emotions.  My heart ached during various times throughout reading the book and I had to read it in stages because of the powerful emotions it invoked in me.  Sheila—your courage, resiliency, and grit are a true testament to the person you are.  What a great read and cheers to you for being so brave for choosing to share your story.
                                        *   *   *   *   *
A local retailer had read Rag Dolls and Rage and found my story gripping. She wrote this note to me, above. My story, often recounted through conversations with my (excellent) therapist, as well as via flashbacks to scenes and situations during my childhood and teen years, portrays a vivid life journey toward acceptance and letting go. Many readers have told me my story helped them address their own issues from the past.