Comments from three readers below, printed with their permission. I’m so glad my memoir resonates. It is encouraging to know I didn’t go through the difficult task of writing my life for nothing. I have also received two phone calls from friends who bought and read the book, giving me heartfelt accolades for helping them understand some things about their own lives.


Gail, Owen Sound, ON 

I finished your book. An amazing story that held me right thru to the end. What a journey! I’m so glad your excellent therapist addressed your mother’s mental condition at the end. Your ability to survive and function with such an independent spirit after that upbringing really is a victory story of human resilience.


Fay Copland, Bronte, ON

Hi Sheila. I finished your book last night. You are to be congratulated for having the strength, bravery and skill to share your horrendous ordeals and to seek out the right person to help you decipher the events of your young life. Your story is a brilliant account of a tormented childhood and a successful recovery. Congratulations!


Blessings from Sue Raynor, Burlington, ON

I finished reading your book and found it well written and interesting. I often had to remind myself that it was not a novel! I can’t believe how strong you were as a child to keep going forward after your trials. You have become such a strong caring woman and I am so glad you have been able to learn to cope! Obviously David has been a wonderful support!