Kind words from a few more buyers of my book. So generous to make the effort to write – thank you.


Trevor Trower, Georgetown

I read Rag Dolls and Rage, found it hard to put down, what a fascinating story, difficult to believe that a little child could experience such horror and then grow up to be such a special person. As I read the developing tale I could feel the author’s pain. The exchanges between the therapist and the author made the story thoroughly believable. An excellent story, beautifully written.


Hanna, Pickering, ON

A relevant book of personal reflection of ups and downs of life. Each chapter, I was captivated. Thinking while I read, a breath of fresh air, as I was there. Enjoyed the references to places seen. A connection of time and places passed. Impressively well written.


James Bawden, Toronto

This memoir of growing up in England, titled Rag Dogs And Rage, reads like an explosive novel. But it’s all true and makes for a mesmerizing read. I couldn’t put the book down until I found out the ending. The writing style is excellent in painting portraits of the grown ups. Reading it I thought it was very cinematic.