Portion of an email from someone I bought fabric masks from last year. We did a partial exchange, my book Rag Dolls and Rage being part-payment for several masks. She sent me a note, part of which is below:


Bethany Reid, Grimsby, ON

I am finally getting to reading your book, and am finding it very moving, engaging and compelling (I mean, I am compelled to keep reading). Thank you for your courage in sharing your story, and in giving me a copy. I started it a couple days ago and will likely finish it today. It is a painful and moving account, and has me thinking about what it means to be a good enough mother, and to see the value of just being there for my kids and being a consistent and loving presence in their lives – something you had very little of. Sobering and alarming to see the profound effect that a parent or step-parent’s selfishness and self-centredness has on a child. May God strengthen you and continue to help you to heal from your experiences.
Kind regards,