People are being very good to me, taking the time to email their feelings about my Sept 14 speech, and about their experiences in reading Rag Dolls and Rage.  I really think I did the right thing writing my memoir, even though it was so difficult reliving the past. Getting through the tough times and writing about it, appears to resonate with so many others. I hope it helps many people.  Below are more messages, printed with permission.


Kathryn Rydgren, Bronte

I had to put it down in order to work this morning.  I was so moved by what you wrote, and it resonated so deeply. The abuse you endured at such a young age was horrendous.
I am so glad you shared your story.  That took great courage.   For those of us who know what it is like to be sexually, physically, and emotionally abused you are an inspiration.  A survivor.  I hope that you know that I absolutely am inspired by what you have written.   It has such truth in it.  It gives me  hope and strength to know that we can write our stories.  I think part of me is still afraid of what others may think, or perhaps I will not be believed.  I can tell you I will read the book more than once.  Thank you Sheila.



Ami, Mississauga

Good Morning Mrs. Tucker,

I have been meaning to email you since I finished your book, it is so hard for me to put into words how I felt while reading your story.  I cried for you, was angry for you and was so thankful when things started to go better for you.  It was beautifully written and flowed from page to page.   You are an amazingly strong and resilient woman!

I wasn’t able to put it down, I started it Friday afternoon and finished by Saturday. I wanted to see what happened next, to see how these things have made you the woman you are today.  Your grandmother would be so proud. RAVE review for Rag Dolls and Rage. Please let me know if you write another book.


Carla Zabek, Oakville 

Your speech was really incredible (I am not just saying that).  The delivery was outstanding (you have some natural comedic and improvisatory talent which is a special gift) plus the way it was written was perfect for the subject matter.  You did not come across as a victim or seeking attention in any way (unlike other people) and it was clear that you were doing this for benevolent reasons:  to bring a voice to children who have no voice and to give adults an insight and understanding into something they could not understand without going through it themselves.

I have started reading the book (late and night after I finish work because I am overwhelmed).  I am so caught up in the book – the style is extremely engaging – but I will send another message after I have read it.

Also, I am hosting my book club at my house for the xmas function and I mentioned your book to them and they wondered if you would like to come to that meeting? It is the evening of December 10.