Posted with permission, as always. I’m so very glad my memoir is reaching people who find it so readable and educational.


Mich Taylor, Perth, AU

…A well written compelling memoir, a powerful story about overcoming adversity and pain, loved this book, couldn’t put it down. A journey of healing and peace after terrible traumatic experiences as a child and teenager. Recommend this book, riveting. I’ve read it twice and sent a copy to my mum for Christmas.


Vladimir Kabelik, Documentary filmmaker, ON

We all carry our unfinished book deep inside. Only a few family members or closest friends ever glimpse short passages from it. Others merely know our face, name, job title and not much else. It takes great courage to finish the manuscript and offer it to the wild world outside. Stripping naked would be easier.

Thank you, Sheila, for opening up! Not only we know you better now, but your story offers hope. The soul can be healed…Your book has connected with our book inside.