I’m always glad to hear from readers. Many take away something from Rag Dolls and Rage. I believe it is because there are various angles and social issues detailed throughout my story. This is the reason folks relate to at least one aspect: in this case, a person who was bullied at school and sees himself in my shoes, reacting like I did. And surviving, like I did.

S. F. B.: Brisbane, AU

My sister read Rag Dolls and Rage, then lent me it. Now I see why. She got it and got that I’d know about your school chapters. I read it in 4 days and I don’t usually read much. It’s like it was me and it took me back. Like you, I got hurt but grew up and got tough. You and me, we have an inner strength. Good that you have a better time of it now. I do as well, but I watch my son for any sign of getting picked on at school. I will protect him as I know how it messes the mind for a long time. Good on you.