A poem by Masayuki Tanabe, a sensitive and prolific poet I’ve known for over a decade. I find it quite moving an poignant, yet it ends with hope.


The Exit Door Of Sorrow

(Jesus Christ)


I no longer say “Hello Mr. Darkness

My old friend.”

When I see him on the street

Filled with crack dealers

I ignore him because he is a teller of falsehoods

And my worst foe.

I believed him when he told me I am worthless

And I acted accordingly for many years

Till I chose to follow the directions to the exit

Of the blood soaked labyrinth

Where the Minotaur rages.

The name Jesus Christ is engraved on this door

In huge letters.

When I opened it I saw a sea of green emeralds

Where many stallions grazed

And I felt the loving embrace of the lamp of day

That was turned on

When God said “Let there be light.”