This is a guest blog post by Miranda Wong: her powerful poem addressed to bullies


Way Back When:  School Bullies


What good does it do you

to call me names

make squinty eyed faces or

tape your eyes up on a deep slant?


You think you are so mighty

throwing my coat in mud,

ramming me against the wall

or punching me out?


Do you feel powerful while

tossing my backpack down a cliff,

running toward me full speed

or ripping up my notes?


What does it say of your character

when you turn your back,

while you roll your eyes

and throw out my lunch?


Did you learn this xenophobia

from your parents? These acts you find

so funny—copying faces or demeaning words

is beyond low to me


I have a right to be treated fairly

even if I don’t look like you

You say I “talk funny” but at least I can speak

three languages … You can’t!


There’s enough trouble at home

you can’t even imagine, so

spare me your insults for I’m human too,

just leave me be and grow up


The rule is simple:

if you wouldn’t like it

done to you,

then don’t do it to others!


The world is harsh already for me

Imagine being treated the same way

Stop being a loser

Stop picking on me!


© Miranda Wong, September 2022