A huge thank you to Deb Hill for this wonderful and insightful review of my memoir, Rag Dolls and Rage. She posted it on Goodreads and allowed me to copy it here.


Deb Hill, Poet. Windsor, ON

A powerful and courageous story based on true events!

British-born and Canadian author Sheila E. Tucker opens the door to her childhood past, releasing dark secrets and horrors of abuse that have haunted her for years.

Not always an easy read due to the mature and disturbing subject matter, her 234-page memoir “Rag Dolls and Rage” shocked and angered me as I walked in her shoes through the stress and complexities associated with her blended and at times dysfunctional families.

Yet there are chapters of respite. What begins with an initial session with her doctor (and her admission of lost innocence and recurring anguish) turns into a therapeutic and cathartic experience. The book reveals, heals, educates, and provokes further thought/discussion about childhood trauma and dealing with bullies in all situations, including those outside her home.

“It was very tempting. Just sneak away from this door. Forget the whole thing,” writes the author on her first page. Gripping the reader with her words and her storytelling abilities, Tucker not only opens a frank conversation for herself but for her audience as well.

As a survivor, she leads the way in this page-turner. Building resilience and strength, she becomes the torch in a darkened room, offering hope and inspiration to others who may be too afraid to speak or act for themselves.

I look forward to reading more of her work.