Northamptonshire’s Prince William School: Discouraging Bullying

The Prince William School is one of several East Midlands Academy Trust schools in the U.K.  Last year, the school initiated an anti-bullying crusade by selecting a group of their students as anti-bullying ambassadors. These student volunteers are trained to provide help to other children who are victims of classroom harassment. As well, the school has pinned up posters relating to the issue, and will regularly show slide presentations to create awareness and discourage cruelty.

I think it would be wonderful to see such proactive measures in ALL schools everywhere. As we know, there is still too much apathy among teachers and still so many bystanders who don’t step in to help.

In this case, the preventive measures are from the top down, with the school principal being very much involved, and this is what we need everywhere!!! From the top down: that is often the only way to make things happen. Prince William School’s headmistress, Elizabeth Dormor, said bullying is now becoming increasingly rare in her school.

This shows that such measures work!  What are we waiting for? Come on, principals and teachers everywhere…show us what you are made of. With guidance, your schools too, can become role models.

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