More feedback – many readers are saying the same things, so I must have done something right. Do think about ordering the book from Amazon for people you think could use it. I truly believe my life experiences, and my way of dealing with the “baggage” once and for all, will give new ideas to those out there who still suffer from childhood trauma.


Amanda Hale, Hornby Island, BC

I read your book with great interest and admiration. What a wonderfully brave memoir you have written. I loved that you included photos of yourself and your family throughout this hard, though sometimes happy journey. Thank you for sharing it with us, your readers. We are the richer for it.


Kathleen Might Gauer, Toronto

Rag Dolls and Rage is a powerful and honest memoir of love, betrayal and recovery. I found it difficult to put down and was amazed at how much vivid detail you remembered from your past and how you described your sometimes horrific experiences from your perspective as a child. A must-read book for everyone!


Ellen Stout, Burlington

A sad story, but a beautiful one.