I’m happy to know that more readers are talking about my book.  Thank you!


Peter Johnson, Wilts, UK

Truly moving and inspiring.


Isabel Berchem, Guelph, ON

I must thank you for shipping me a copy of ‘Rag Dolls and Rage’. Your memoir truly resonated with me as I’m sure it will with many survivors. Also, I simply enjoyed your writing. You word-sketched people and places so vividly that I became immersed in your larger story of growing up in a specific time and place.


Heather Greening, Oakville, ON

I have never really known an author personally before I read your book. You were introduced to me many years ago thanks to my long time customer David. Always a pleasure talking to you, so kind and interesting and smart. Reading your book, I felt like you opened your heart to me. Thank you for being so honest, sincere and funny. I recommend your book for everyone, a great down to earth Life Story that we can all think “Gee, our lives are filled with such similar stories of growing up finding our way and surviving intact.”