I’m in a podcast session in the link below. The interviewer skillfully ties my responses to his questions – about my childhood days of being bullied – into a conclusion for the listener, of how one terrible year at the hands of a sadistic pedophile at age four affected my entire childhood. It caused the timidity, by age five, that encouraged schoolchildren to sense that I was easy prey.

The ripple effect. The falling of dominoes. Call it what you will, but I always remembered being a different child until that year of abuse.

Listen to my story here, and think about how perhaps your life back then, or that of a child right now, is like a sailboat in a wild sea being blown this way and that by harsh winds and rough waves, with no way of reaching shore. A helpless iittle boat. A defenceless small child.

Listen to how I eventually helped myself heal. How you could too. (Forget the scars; they’ll always be there – but you CAN heal anyway to a great extent. It takes a lot of work though.).


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About the interviewer, Alex Senson: he was bullied too, and never forgot it. Like me, he wants to support bullied children, and his way of doing so includes interviews such as mine. We are both at a place where we are reaching out in our own ways to create awareness about this serious, life-transforming experience.

Read more about Alex on his site. He’s achieved a lot, possibly driven by a deep desire to overcome the hurts of his own school years.