Comments/reviews received from a couple of people I know (including one that I’ve known for many years but who was never aware of the details of my life). Posted here with permission.


Maria Elena Cuervo-Lorens, Victoria, BC

I’m Carla’s mother-in-law. We met a few times and Carla gave me Rag Dolls and Rage for Christmas. I just wanted to say how deeply sorry I felt that someone, least a four-year-old little girl, had to experience. What a hard journey you have been through, but in spite of it all, you were able to move ahead. It is quite incredible how resilient human beings can be!

I also have to tell you how moved I was at the end and how beautiful you describe in detail your emotions at the passing of your mother. I ended up with tears in my eyes.

You are a remarkable woman and you certainly deserve such a caring husband! I met him too a few years ago at a tea party Carla and I attended in your garden.

All the best, Maria Elena


Nan Rose, Manchester, UK

Hi Sheila, just wanted to let you know I have read your book, in fact found it hard to put down. Beautifully written, emotional and heart wrenching. I am sure writing it must have been hard at times, remembering those awful times as an innocent 4 yr old and into your teens. But i count myself lucky to have been somewhere in your life, I always enjoyed our chats in your flat above ours in Gatley.

Thank you for telling me about it. Love Nan xxx    Below is what is posted with 5 stars on Amazon.

This book is an emotional journey of a young child, feeling unloved, abused as no child should ever be, through turbulent teens to womanhood. All the way through this beautifully written memoir, I was gripped and didn’t want to put it down, although some things were sad to say the least! Please try it for yourself. Written with emotion, sadness, anger, frustration and at times laughter. Although you could feel that sheila felt she didn’t belong or was loved at times. This book is so good I’m reading it again. Well done Sheila E. Tucker on a brilliant book which I’m sure at times must have been hard to right but with the proper help in later life gave you the chance to understand things. Great Read!