Teenagers can go through a tough time—think changing hormones and moods, self-identification issues, pressure to succeed in schoolwork, and confusion about roles.

How much more difficult it is, therefore, to be a young person feeling that he or she doesn’t fit in with classmates. After all, teens and tweens put a lot of stock in the opinions of their peers.

In between the many popular kids who are part of a like-minded and like-dressed group of young people are as many teenagers who are unpopular: picked on or isolated. Reasons for being bullied are many, and are listed in my other website (ShieldYourself.net / Kids in School):

Harassment and intimidation are serious problems that can lead victims to depression, lack of self-esteem, withdrawal and even suicide.

Bullies themselves—if the problem of their aggression is not addressed—are not immune to trouble in their lives. My site above (under tab Kids in School) explains a risk of future jail time, failed marriages, lost jobs.

Websites, books and short films are beginning to crop up to deal with this issue. Some involve input from young people themselves, in the roles of screenwriting or acting. Many teens are learning to be more accepting of others and hope to send a message to schoolchildren regarding kindness and understanding.

The site below contains five short movies that you may find helpful for children in your life. If you’re a parent or teacher hoping to create awareness, do have a look. Some of these may be a good fit for the message you wish to relay.

After all, teens love online “stuff.” They’ll likely pay attention, especially to those their own age.

5 Powerful Anti-Bullying Videos On YouTube For Tweens And Teens