I’m completely bowled over by the beautiful, kind words I’m being given by readers of my book. Below are more messages, printed with permission.


Bernadette Schilling, Austin, Tx

I’ve cried and cried and I’ve cried. Your book is amazing, you did a fantastic job. I was totally taken aback. It was so incredibly well done, I could not put it down. Raw, riveting, passionate, sad. Totally gut wrenching, but you came out victorious and you are not a victim and your horrendous childhood will not define you. I take my hat off to you. Amazing, strong, driven, compassionate, kind. caring, fun loving with a heart and soul as big as the State of Texas. Your story will help people far and wide who have been through sexual, physical, mental and bullying abuse. You go girl. I’m going to order several more copies for my sisters and friends.


M.W., Oakville

Hi Sheila, I was so happy to attend the launch of your book. So thank you so much for the invitation. I apologize it took a while to get back to you but wanted to read your book first.

This is a very powerful and important book. I wish I had your book when I worked with women in similar situations over many years. Your book could have changed their life. Your book moved me in so many ways. You have come through such darkness but now you are a light for others. I truly admire your courage, your strength and wisdom to put your self out there when your life is good. You are truly walking and talking your truth.  So thank you for writing your book. Your book will make a difference to many.