Someone who reached out to me via my site, has kindly given me permission to post her comments. We’ve had a deep conversation via email. (Hope I can meet her, and other readers, some day.)


Marjut Karu Nousiainen, Toronto, ON

[Part of an email (excerpt) sent December 1st.]

Just to let you know I got your book yesterday and started reading it this morning. I have not finished it, but have to tell you how very moved I am by your story. I cried, by page 22. Your story, the way you have written it, are riveting.   This is so full of feeling, direct, and I do not want to put the book down!

You know how to write!  Dear Sheila, my heart goes out to you. It goes out to the little girl, to the teenager.  (am on page 121 so far, so in your teens at this point). Oh dear oh dear.  What humans do to each other.  I wish I could have been there to help that little four year old! Such cruelty, abuse.

On a happy note, the part about you writing poems with your Nana, made me happy. I used to write poetry as a rather reclusive child.

[Part of a second email (excerpt) sent December 4th.]

Anyway about your book. I finished it last night.  WONDERFULLY written, moving, truthful – a story that I just wanted to end well!

This book should be out there in the spotlight.   Also would make a good movie.

Sheila I am sure that many can relate to different aspects of your life. … Are you writing another book now?

Must admit that I feel such a connection to you even though we have not met!